Sunday, March 20, 2011

Here we are!

We are so excited to embark on this new journey! Most of you probably know us personally, but here is our little story...

We are Kyle and Marley Chambers, husband and wife, best friends, and Mommy and Daddy to two of the most amazing things on this planet! Weston is our 4 year old crazy man, and Kennadie is our 13 month old girlie girl. You will be seeing PLENTY of them on this blog! Kyle works in IT fixing expensive gadgets, and Marley stays at home and runs a small online boutique! (sweetNskullyBOWTIQUE). :) We have always had a passion for photographs, took courses in school, and could never get enough pictures in our lives. We decided to make a huge leap and buy our amazing camera a few months ago. So far, one of the best desisions we've ever made. Right away we found our lives consumed with our camera...what and where to take photos, who is next, what we should buy, how we can better ourselves, and how we can share our love for this with others. We hope to capture those special moments for family, friends and new friends. We want our passion to come through for all of you to see!

In this blog we will document certain shoots, shots, or just wonderful stories! We cannot wait to share this new exciting experience with you all!